Component selection and placement are the keys to determining how your facility “sounds” to your guests.  Working with your floor and ceiling plans, we custom design your system to provide the best and most effective sound quality in your business space.


Our nationwide network of professional installers are bonded and insured and experienced in all types of A/V installations, from the most simple to the most sophisticated. Most of the equipment we sell has a 2-years Manufacturer’s Warranty standard, and we stand by all of our work with a 90-day warranty against defects in workmanship

Repairs & Replacements

Sound not right? One call does it all.  Whether you need to replace a speaker, fix an amplifier or rewire your store for a new music system, we are here to help. We provide out-of-warranty service whether we installed the equipment originally or not.

Where Science Meets Sound™

Franchise Systems

Ambiance Systems works with some of nation’s leading hospitality brands as their one-stop-shop for all new store A/V Systems. We work directly with your construction and development department to create a standard budget and prototype A/V plan for each store type you have. Placing speakers where they can be heard (but without hotspots and deadspots) and TVs where they can be seen is not art or work for amateurs—it is science and we are highly proficient at it.  Whether you are opening a corporate or a franchise unit, our team coordinates every aspect of the job to ensure your audio and video system comes in on time, on budget, and professionally installed to the brand standard.  Add music from Ambiance Radio for optimum results.

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